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The Successful Investor Newsletter Discount for MDJ Readers

Over the past four years, The Successful Investor (TSI) has offered MDJ readers the best deal on the web on Canada’s top stock picking newsletter service.   Now they are back again for another round! Being a Subscriber I’ve been a subscriber for a little over four years now, and I’m pleased with the service.  The membership includes […]

How to Create a Stock Watchlist with Google Spreadsheets

I brought this post out of the archives due to a number of recent emails about how to track stock holdings.  I still use Google spreadsheets  today to track my dividend holdings. With the market volatility, there is a heightened interest in dividend stocks and how to buy stocks in general. Within my article on […]

Reduce your Taxes – Income Splitting Strategies

A portion of this article was originally written in June 2009, but relevant today due to the removal of the income splitting Family Tax Cut which allowed a family to notionally transfer up to $50,000 from the higher income spouse to the lower when filing taxes.  While many will take a hit from elimination of this tax benefit […]

Banking as a Couple – BMO PlanShare Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BMO. I was a little hesitant at first when BMO contacted me to review one of their product features.  The reason is that most retail bank account usually involves high fees.  However, after reading more about BMO PlanShare, I started to see the possibilities for […]

Money worries and woodpeckers

I suppose it is bound to happen if you live in a wooden house in a semi-rural area. Our house has become besieged by woodpeckers. The insistent, get-you-up-out-of-bed nagging of their rapping on the walls reminds me of the inescapable angst of having money worries. The problem is, I know what to do about financial doubts. […]

Investing 101: Start Small and Be Consistent

When the talk turns to investing, many people shut down. “I can’t invest, I don’t have enough money,” is a common refrain. The good news is that you don’t need a large chunk of capital to start investing. Thanks to today’s resources, it’s possible to start investing when you have as little as $25. There […]

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Depending on stock returns to fund your retirement? Think again

How worried should I be? That’s a question financial people get a lot when the market is as unstable as it has been over the past several weeks. Actually, it’s a question we ask ourselves in those environments. Having both asked and answered that question several times recently, let me share some of the […]

The hidden costs of bad credit

The worst thing about bad credit isn’t being turned down for a loan or a new credit card. After all, there are worse things than not being able to borrow. The bigger problem with bad credit is that it can cost you money in a number of ways, and that added cost […]

Do You Feel Prepared for Your Financial Future?

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Many of us get so caught up in the now that we forget about the importance of preparing for the future. Unfortunately, according to a survey from John Hancock, many of us don’t feel ready for their financial futures. Only a little more than half (53%) […]

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7 bad things about low interest rates

If you have been able to buy a house or refinance a mortgage in recent years, then congratulations. You have been a beneficiary of the Fed’s extraordinary effort to keep interest rates low. For many others though, monetary policy hasn’t been so favorable — in fact, it has cost them dearly. Ostensibly, […]